Artificial Intelligence

As a global AI consulting leading firm, we have served 100+ medium to small enterprises with end to end AI approaches, big data strategy, data science, and ML implementation. Harness the power of AI and machine learning is exceptionally hard, especially for beginners. With ADT, you’ll save time on hiring world-class AI specialists. We have a team of the best data scientists and machine learning engineers will bring know-how to your project from the initiative day.

Our team has profound knowledge and experience in the domains of predictive structure, data mining, natural language processing, machine learning, and system vision. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the landscape of digital technology helps to reduce human intervention and inject automation into enterprises and innovating their primary objectives into reality at a rapid pace. That's why we advanced utilize machine learning tools and algorithms to support all-size organizations to develop AI-driven products and solutions.


What ADT Are?

At ADT, we provide end-to-end artificial intelligence consulting services and solutions to help organizations to emerge with the advanced technologies. Our team of professional AI consultants is experts in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions within the client's enterprise environment. We help you leverage AI to pilot smart reinvention of your workflows and technology. Here, we'll guide you through your business AI transformation journey which includes:

Identifying New Opportunities

To optimize your enterprise from the initial point and generate potential uses for AI in your business.

Proof Of Concept

After optimizing your use case and data well, and build a plan of how strategy is actionable, impactful outcomes can be driven from the AI application.

Roadmap to Production

Create a high-level roadmap which includes required processes, data, resources and timings that can be integrated into your business.


Use AI to extract business insights, drive new enterprise approach and revenue using smart strategies and new tech.

What We Offer?

Advanced Cognitive Consolidation

We are specialized to create the best structure to accelerate learning, optimization, and innovation with third-party AI applications, and devices by embedding Agile capabilities into your processes and refine your digital strategy by utilizing advanced analytics tools and capabilities.


Effective Application Progression

By leveraging our deep understanding of AI technology, we are experts to deal with the industry best practices comprehended in evolving massive applications. To empower your business, our best-in-class AI services and solutions focus on the strategy and driving more business value.


Innovative Portfolio Framework

We provide an end-to-end approach to everything, including overall business and investment strategies. Our team of expert strategists is around the clock available to assist you at each and every step of the implementation of numerous advanced AI devices and applications.


Customization Solutions

Our consultants provide high-scale AI solutions as-a-service models build the internal capabilities for your organization that you acquire to innovate consistently with digital. Assess your current conditions, optimize your enterprise needs, decide how you will compete, and design a strategy to get there.

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