Cyber Security

As new technological solutions being adopted, cyber security is the leading challenges of our times and cyber security services have now become an essential segment of every enterprise approach.ADT is one of the leading inclusive pure-play IT security organizations. Our highly skilled team of security professionals helps you to provide data security consulting and cyber security services that span the overall information security landscape. In the modern business landscape, over the last few years, cyber security has assumed predominant consequence because of losing security incidents, enabling sophisticated attacks growing rapidly. Here, we help our clients plan, build and run more successful security programs enables them to exploit from cutting-edge cyber security services. As a leading security advisor, we endeavor to provide next-generation cyber security services to protect your end-to-end whole business productive chain.



What ADT Do?

As cyber threats continue to develop, most of the companies hesitate to execute modern techniques due to a lack of a comprehensive threat assessment and security vulnerabilities. In fact, a minor disruption to the business network may lead to harm existing investments that can run into millions of dollars and secure operations, even put an organization or a nation’s security at risk. At ADT, we have a great team of data security consultants including subject matter experts and global security strategists who have treated 200+ global clients of various industries as well as sizes. We strive to effective latest security solutions ranging from explaining strategy and analyzing threats to exploiting the right technology and ensuring operational readiness.

Our Key Capabilities

Optimizing Risk and Planning

Our team of experienced thought leaders can assess your enterprise risks and assist you to protect your complete business value chain.

  • Board Advisory & Consulting Services

  • M&A Security Assessment

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Cyber Resilience and Security Strategy

  • Business Model Innovation

  • GRC Management


Proactive Cyber Protection

Get an expert guidance to improve resilience into your spread business landscape which includes the cloud, application development and the Internet of Things.

  • Minimizing Attacks Surface

  • Advanced Threat Prevention

  • End-to-End Security Innovation

  • Breach Readiness As A Service


Digital Identity and Security

We're able to deploy high-scale identity and access management roadmap that dramatically reduce your design-in-effort and enhance time-to-market.

  • Identity Governance & Intelligence

  • Digital Transformation Consulting

  • Digital Identity and Access Management

  • Consumer Digital Identity


Mobile App & Device Security

To protect your enterprise from vulnerabilities, we deliver unparalleled global insight mobile security solution based on real-world data while developing, running and maintaining applications.

  • Data Protection & Privacy Management

  • API Security Testing Methodology

  • Application Security Integration Design

  • Application Development Security Framework


Manipulate Security Services

As-a-Service capabilities, we are expertise to scale protection and compliance approaches by utilizing innovative technologies as per market needs.

  • Cyber Security Management

  • Cyber Risk Management

  • Managed application security

  • Digital Identity Management

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