CFO & Enterprise Value

ADT is one of the prominent strategic advisors to C-suite executives on digital competitiveness. In our global community, we have more than 2000+ strategy professionals, specially in the sector of the CFO & Enterprise Value where we address all kinds of CFO and Finance Executive problems that ranging from computing the finance operations to assisting the operating value of CFO among the businesses from cost optimization planning and modern prescriptive analytics that unlock value. We endeavor to help our clients to transform markets, change operating imitations and build strong communities over the globe. The surpassing level of our capabilities and client engagements mixed with the way we harmonize, employ and deliver value provides a unique favorable chance to improve competitiveness and establish market leadership.


The list of some topmost challenges faced nowadays while working with the top global companies across the world and responsible for supporting the CFO including :

Reevaluate Insistence
Global Employ Methodology
Digitally-Enabled Suspensions
Workforce of the Future


What We Offer?

In this digital competitive marketplace, technology has already modified the business relationships b/w consumer and supplier. It has transformed the way how businesses are designed, how they operate, manage and operational processes perform, including planning, measuring, interacting, and transmitting the data to analyze and help drive enterprise value creation. As a CFO & Enterprise Value strategist, we succor our clients with:

  • Develop and design Finance visions and strategies, including digital strategy, analytics, information strategy, moderate operating processes, procurement cost analysis, and opportunity assessment
  • Improve Finance strategies by optimizing the challenges, requirements, and gaps of the clients' enterprise, and diagnosing the origin obstacles, and identifying the outcome perspectives
  • Helps to drive business solutions ability by offering productive digital planning, reporting, and analytics
  • Asserts the value proposition and business case through digitizing the Finance function and solutions
  • To compete with large-scale cost reduction programmes provide effective analyses and models data
  • Supportive future strategy for big companies, design blueprints and digitally-enabled strategies to explain the finance and business operating model, data and analytic insight engine
  • Capturing the value of advanced analytics to review and re-shapes organization models for Finance or other functions.
  • Developing Finance talent and capabilities to identify where our clients need to improve for growth and innovation in order to sustain high performance
  • Organize and analyze financial, operational and external information to create shareholder value through the cohesive delivery of strategic solutions
Our Focus Zones

Process Assessment and Value Targeting

ADT Value Targeting programmes provide effectively and prioritizing processes to align with business strategy and a multi-dimensional benchmarking capability to identify key opportunities and improvement initiatives based on their business value. It helps enable to gauge all senior leaders, including CFO, CHRO, and CIO to optimize where the organization saunter, leads or operates as compared to other ones by measuring, determining and tracking opportunities to help in the operating value within the entire businesses.


Future Digital Finance

By designing digitizing the Finance Function and solutions that enabled by emerging digital technologies, CFO can access to utilize Digital Finance strength to endorse its functions as the guardian of the economic value agenda for the business that means assembling the strategic journey to support scalable enterprise progress in an enhance explosive, disruptive and global world. Through digitally-enabled strategies and plans, we can create the need for agile information technologies and techniques at the right time to make the right decisions as per stakeholders’ growing demand.


Next-Generation Operating Model

Through our next generation operating models and organizational structures, we help our clients to blueprint and design advance, global operating models as per their enterprise needs that integrate front to middle and back office activities across a wide range of operations and functions into an expressive end to end services. Moreover, attentive on achieving business outcomes. These operating models are designed from the outside in with the customer experience at the center.

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